catarina nordin



Samba & The Missing Letters

This is the story of an 8-year old boy struggling with dyslexia and learning about his own strength through helping others. 

Samba travels the world and realizes that friendships can be found through shared struggles but also in common joy and by trying new things!

His travel companion, Zohra the leopard, doesn't serve him any bow tied and packaged "how to´s" so Samba faces difficult challenges and situations during every adventure. 

Illustration by Patrycja Fabicka @greenmaggot



After several years of blogging for lifestyle online magazines, I've finally embarked on the journey of becoming a full-time writer. My great love of animation and pets in stories has led me into writing for children and young adults. My debut book is in progress and I try to incorporate serious matters and depth into every story I create.


I believe that anyone can be touched by a powerful story and that stories have the ability to change peoples lives. As much as I love to entertain with my writing, I also want to create stories that can make a serious difference. I like to think of good books as friends who comfort, make us laugh and provide advice when we need it the most.


I’m particularly interested in shedding light on difficult matters for children and youth such as psychological and social problems. That is my main motivation to keep telling my stories, and I hope you will enjoy them. 



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